About Us

Promoting Indian cultural heritage

Promoting Indian Cultural Heritage

Navrang is dedicated to providing a rich visual arts and media experience rooted in Indian cultural heritage. Our team of passionate artists and professionals work tirelessly to create artist-led projects that not only promote Indian values but also provide valuable educational opportunities for the local community.

Our ultimate goal

To showcase contemporary visual arts

With a history of successful collaborations since our establishment in 1996, Navrang has become a respected and trusted organisation within the region. Our ultimate goal is to establish a consistent program of events that will showcase contemporary visual arts and media with a focus on Indian values. We aim to achieve this by offering exhibitions, education, training, and participation opportunities to our audience.

Our commitment

Understanding of Cultural Heritage

At Navrang, we recognise the importance of fostering a deeper understanding of cultural heritage through the arts. Our commitment to delivering challenging and imaginative projects that have a high degree of artist and community benefit is unparalleled. By doing so, we hope to be at the forefront of visual arts and media, serving not only the British Asian community but also wider audiences. Join us on this exciting journey towards promoting Indian cultural heritage through the power of visual arts and media.